Dr. Michael Mumford

Center for Applied Social Research

Industrial/Organizational Psychology


Ph.D. University of Georgia, 1983
M.S. University of Georgia, 1981
B.A. Bucknell University, 1979

Dr. Mumford has held faculty positions at the Georgia Institute of Technology and George Mason University. He has also been a Senior Research Fellow and Managing Partner of the American Institutes for Research. Dr. Mumford has published more that 150 articles on creativity, leadership, integrity, and planning. He serves on the editorial boards of the Leadership Quarterly, the Creativity Research Journal, and the Journal of Creative Behavior. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association (Divisions 3, 5, and 14), the American Psychological Society, and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. In 2002, he received the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologies' Myers Applied Research Award. Dr. Mumford has received more than 20 million dollars in research funding from government and corporate sponsors, including the Department of Defense, the Department of State, and Department of Labor, the National Institutes of Health, the Office of Naval Research, General Electric, Home Depot, and Duracell. He serves on the Corporate Advisory Boards of ePredix and SkillsNET.

Recent Publications

Dailey, L.R., & Mumford, M.D. (2006). "Evaluative aspects of creative thought: Errors in appraising the implications of new ideas." Creativity Research Journal,  18, 367-384.

Day, E.A., Blair, C.S., Daniels, S.M., Kligyte, V., & Mumford, M.D. (2006).  "Linking instructional objectives to the design of instructional environments: The integrative training matrix." Human Resource Management Review, 16, 375-395.

Halbesleben, J.R.B., Osburn, H.K., & Mumford, M.D. (2006). "Action research as a burnout intervention: Reducing burnout in the federal fire service." Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 42, 244-266.

McEntire, L.E., Dailey, L.R., Osburn, H.K., & Mumford, M.D. (2006). "Job analysis innovation in the federal government: Using metrics to analyze job data." Human Resource Management Review, 16, 310-323.

Recent Books

Mumford, M.D. (2006). Pathways to Outstanding Leadership: A Comparative Analysis of Charismatic, Ideological, and Pragmatic Leadership. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

Recent Funding

Workforce Analysis, State of Oklahoma (2003)
Skills Assessment, GSA (2003)
Job Analysis, DOD / Navy (2003)
Job Analysis, DOD/Navy (2004)
Scientific Integrity, NIH (2004)
Job Analysis, DOD/Navy (2004)


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Dr. Michael Mumford

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